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Effective from 23/02/2018, we have a Privacy Policy that applies to Mewar Innovations Services Pvt. Ltd.

Privacy Policy of Mewar Innovations Services Pvt. Ltd.

This Privacy Policy is effective from 023/02/2018, and it explains what all information we collect from the visitor of our website, how we may collect them, why we collect them, how we use the collected information, how we share it and how we handle the security of the information submitted to us by the visitor of our website, how can you edit your personal information stored with us, the retention period of your personal information, cookies and changes in this privacy policy.

What information do we collect?

We collect from an individual his personal information. A piece of personal information comprises:

  • Full Name,
  • Ten Digit Phone Number,
  • E-mail Address, and
  • Website

How may we collect Personal Information?

We may collect Personal Information through the following ways:

  • Website: When you give us your information by filling the online form available on our website.
  • E-Mail: When you contact us with a query through an E-Mail.
  • Social Media: When you contact us through our Social Media presence.
  • WhatsApp: When you interact with us through WhatsApp application.

The Personal Information which you provide us through one of the aforementioned means may be combined with the other Personal Information that you provide us through other above-mentioned means.

Why we collect Personal Information?

We collect personal information so as to personalize the experience and respond in a better way to the individual needs. We always strive to improve our digital presence with the help of the feedback we receive from every individual. Lastly, in order to send periodic emails too, we request the visitor to share with us their personal information.

How we use the collected information?

We may use the collected information in various ways like:

  • To post your comments and feedback on our website
  • To respond back to your customer service queries
  • To contact you again if we have not heard you in a while
  • To send you our promotional emails or promotional materials from any our affiliates
  • To permit you to share about us on social media platforms

How we share the collected Personal Information?

We may share the collected Personal Information in the following ways:

  • Between our Departments: We may share the collected information between the various departments so as you yield the promised result on time. Also for proper management and decision-making, the interdepartmental sharing of information is necessary.
  • With the third party: If the fulfillment of a task demands the sharing of the information with a third party then with your consent the information may be shared.
  • When you post on our website: In case you leave feedback or a comment on our website, your information may be visible to other visitors to our website.
  • When sharing protect us lawfully: We may share your Personal Information if we believe that the disclosure is mandatory by law and it protects our legal interest.

How we handle the security of Personal Information?

We use reasonable security measures to protect your Personal Information. However, data security over the internet cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure. In case you find that your interaction with us is no longer secure then please contact us immediately over the same.

How can you edit your Personal Information stored with us?

If you wish to review, edit, delete or otherwise limit our use of your Personal Information then please contact us through call or an email mentioning the same.


Cookies are small data files that are sent from a server of a website to the hard drive of your device either for a short or very long duration. We may use cookies for our website functionality, user convenience, performance monitoring, and for marketing purposes.

Changes in this Privacy Policy

In case, we update this policy or amend certain material changes, we will post the updated policy on this page along with the date of the amendments on the top of this page. It is advisable to keep on looking for updates and changes to the privacy policy with the help of the date mentioned above.

Contacting Us

If you have any queries about the Privacy Policy of Mewar Innovations Services Pvt. Ltd., please contact us on the mobile number #+91 7665011119 or e-mail us on themewargroup@gmail.com

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